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The Wake Up Bracelet
A Circle of Life

Tim's sister, Monique, lay silent on the bed. Monique and Tim had been in a car accident two months ago. Tim and his parents were ok, but his sister was in a coma. Tim felt awful about the whole situation because moments before the accident, he had been teasing and picking at his sister and now he might never get to speak to her again. Tim was only 9 years old and while other boys were out playing ball and having a good time, he was in the hospital visiting his sister, reading to her and feeling real guilty. He didn't know if she could hear him or not, but he read her that "smoochie" stuff girls like to read. Then one day a lady stopped by and said she was teaching beading to patients and would Tim like to learn. She was a pretty weird old dame with beads hanging all over her. Tim thought it was sort of sissy, beads and all, but maybe he could make something for his sister and atone for picking on her. After a few lessons, Tim made a beautiful beaded bracelet and he called it the "Wake Up." When he was finished with it, Tim put it on his sister's wrist and sat there watching her. It was not one hour later that Monique came out of her coma and immediately asked for Tim. She said she had been dreaming of Tim calling her and holding a glowing "circle of life" like a lifesaver for her to grasp. The bracelet did have a circular formation in the middle of it with a real shiny bead in the center. Who can truly say why Monique woke at that time, but Tim was sure it was the bracelet he made. From that day on Monique proudly wore her bracelet, that is when they were not fighting; yes battles did continue until they grew up. Tim went on to learn many facets of jewelry making and eventually became an established artist. Tim stood next his first big international exhibit and thought about the strange circumstances that brought him to this moment in his life; he knew he could thank his sister Monique and an old beader for starting him on the road to great success.

And that is the story of the Wake Up Bracelet - A Circle of Life by Lydia Fiber Borin, The Beadwrangler

Watch for the Wake Up Bracelet - A Circle of Life project in the workshop section soon. This will be another circular loop project. The circular loop basket projects currently in the workshop section use the same basic techniques.