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Jasmina Story


The Beadwrangler

Jasmina was a young girl of Indonesian heritage. Her parents were killed in a horrendous fire. There was talk of the young couple being involved in covert activities for their government. No one knows for sure if that was true but Jasmina became an orphan at the age of 9.

Jasmina was a pretty girl who had become very secretive and quiet. At age 13 she was adopted by an English couple, the Hughens. The Hughens, Ruth and David, had never had children of their own and believed they could make a new life for Jasmina. The couple gave Jasmina everything a young girl could ask for; love, dolls, clothes, a beautiful home, but she remained remote.

She cried most nights but would not confide to her new parents. They had tried everything but did not know how to overcome Jasmina’s unfortunate past losses. They were at their wits end. Then one day Ruth found a piece of ribbon that had dropped on the floor from a small bag Jasmina kept with her at all times. Ruth tried to decide if she should just return it to Jasmina or if this was a sign for her, a way to make a difference in their lives.

She walked into her garden of blooming flowers, plants and bushes and sat all day just staring into nothing. At the end of the day, she jumped up and felt inspired. She ran into the house and pulled out all her threads, beads and trimmings and began to create. Six hours later she looked at her work and felt gratified. From a nine inch piece of ribbon, she had transformed it into a ribbon purse with loops of beads, both large and small. Many strands of intertwined beads made the neckline portion for the purse.

Ruth finished the purse off with a snap as a closure and a button on the front as decoration. It was the most beautiful piece she had ever made. She then proceeded to make deserts-small specialty cakes and tea. She called to Jasmina and asked her to sit and enjoy the tiny cakes and tea.

Jasmina quietly sat down and slowly ate a cake but she seemed to be somewhere else. Ruth handed Jasmina a gift box that was extravagantly wrapped. Jasmina asked what the occasion was and Ruth told her it was a gift of love. They wanted to give Jasmina something that would allow her to remember the past and tie it into the present and the future. Jasmina did not understand but was excited.

She opened the box and lifted out the little ribbon purse. She could not believe what she held. The ribbon, which was originally a small piece of rolled up scrap, was one of only two items she had managed to save after her parents death. Her mother had given the ribbon to Jasmina the night before the fire. Jasmina’s mother said the ribbon was magic and someday they would make it into something special. Now she had her magical ribbon purse.

She immediately took the one other object she had managed to salvage from the fire, a piece of melted red glass that had formed into a smooth stone, and put it inside the ribbon purse. She hugged Ruth and knew she could leave the past behind, enjoy her new parents and look to the future. Jasminia’s life had just begun.

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