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Square Stitch

Beadwork September/October 2000
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Golden Beach Gal & The Circles of Square

An example of using the lessons learned in making the Square Stitch Sampler
to create a unique wearable item.

As we continue our research of samples and make beadwork samplers, I want to introduce ideas for using the techniques you learn from making them. You can use the techniques you learned to make many types of beadwork and also items with individual samples. I made a three dimensional peyote figure a few years back after attending a class with Joyce Scott. I call her Golden Beach Gal because she looks like she just got back from hanging out at the beach. She is one of my favorite little figures and I had been thinking about what beadwork to add her to. When I finished my circular square stitch samples, I had a pile of extra samples leftover from experimenting with the bead colors and the stitch. I stitched each one to the other in a layering effect. Then I cut a piece of ulstrasuede the shape of the samples all together. I placed buckram inside to keep the piece firm and worked an edge stitch of looped beads around the whole piece, attaching the ultrasuede and samples together. I then added my figure on one side of the piece. Because the piece is so long, 6 ," I put a pinback on each side up at the top. When the piece is attached to clothing, it must be attached with both pinbacks. These samples are made of Czech 11/0 beads and one sample of Delicas. The figure is made of Delicas and the hair is size 14/0 Japanese beads. Her eyes and lips are made up of cut beads size 12/0 and 14/0. I was very pleased with the finish and use of the samples. Experiment and see what you can make with beadwork samples.
Golden Beach Gal
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