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We will be making beadwork samples. When there are enough beadwork samples made in one particular technique, they can be hand stitched to 14 count fabric, then they become a beadwork sampler. We will be bead stitching various samples using beading stitches, such as peyote, square stitch, right angle and all the other known beading stitches. Once you use a beading technique and make the piece, it becomes a beadwork sample.  When you stitch several  beadwork samples onto counted cloth, it creates a sampler.

Barbara Grainger is my partner for making Beadwrangler Samplers.  We coordinate with each other on each sample group to ensure we have clear instructions for you.  Barbara and I take turns working up samples and ideas for future additions for beadwork samples.

The current samples are flat two dimensional beadwork. We use the same bead color combinations for all the samples that will fit on one page. It is much easier to view several samples on one page of counted cloth if they are all one color combination rather than competing in several color combinations.

When we have finished all known stitches in 2-D, we will begin new samples in 3-D. Once those are finished, we will make samples that combine stitches together. When we have finished those, we will make samples of beadwork from various countries. This will not be the whole item, rather a portion of the motif in the item as a sample.

My goal is to make up several pages of beadwork samplers and incorporate them into books. Barbara Grainger is making one set of samples for The Bead Museum in Arizona.  I am making a sampler book to use as educational tools when speaking.

Beadwork samples are perfect for beading classes, teaching to children in 4-H, girl and boy scouts and other organizations. This is a great way to introduce beading to your children or grandchildren. A sampler book is an excellent educational tool when speaking at local organizations and libraries about beadwork. When we have enough samplers to make a book, we will include instructions as how to make your own book. We will make a display piece for three dimensional samplers.

Creating Fabric Pages of your Beadwork Samplers

Each time a new sample is put up, please let us know if you have heard the beading stitch identified by any names we do not have listed. We plan to create a cross reference of all the known names that identify each stitch. We invite bead/beadwork research organizations and experts to join our program and support our efforts.

There is a listing of books for references for each sample covered:

- books that offer clear beadwork illustrations and techniques including those how-to books with beadwork of various cultures.

- books that identify beadwork, beading artists and are inspirational.

Books listed will be  those from my personal library and those I receive to review on my website. If you know of a book that should be included, please let me know and I will contact the author/publisher and ask for a review copy.

As you can see, this program will continue for many years. I hope you will join us in the new millennium on this exciting adventure! Let’s make it a historical event.

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