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Right Angle Weave

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Right Angle Weave Examples
from the Far East

Right Angle Weave Examples from Japan

My friend Teresa gave me these necklaces about two years ago for my studies.  Costume jewelry collectors have told me they are pre World War I necklaces from Japan. They are all made using the right angle technique.  All the beads are glass and the pearl coating is beginning to shed from them.  Some pieces are made with 4mm and others 6mm.  These pieces are deteriorating due to their age. The pendant section of each necklace is different, some flat while others are more three dimensional.  I plan to make a sample of each design using seed beads to serve as a record of these vintage beadwork pieces.
Right Angle Weave - Japan

Right Angle Weave - Philippines Hair Comb

My friend Lucy travels to the Philippines every year.  She often brings back beadwork examples for me.  This comb is from her 1995 trip.  The beading on the comb is right angle in size 10/0 beads.  This type beadwork continues to be created in the Philippines today.
Philippine Hair Comb

Right Angle Weave - Philippines Necklace


This is another gift from Lucy.  She brought this back from the Philippines in 1996.   This necklace is worked in right angle to make the two main pieces and then strands of beads connect the two pieces.  These beads are also size 10/0 beads.  This is a beautiful example of fine beadwork from the Philippines.
Philippine Necklace

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