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Swag Stitch

Beadwork August/September 2001
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Beadwrangler Swag Bag

An example of using the lessons learned in making the Swag Stitch Sampler

This is a bag I made using the Swag stitch.  The bag is crocheted with a  rainbow bead and Jean Stitch thread.  I made a bag liner of Jeans Stitch beginning at the inside of the bag, center rounds as the base and working up to the top.   At the bag top I used Rainbo Elastic to make a circular opening that stretches open so my hand can fit through the opening comfortably.  I attached the Rainbow Elastic directly to the Jean Stitch liner edge.   I made a bead crochetd rope and added tassel pieces in the rope and a larger tassel on the end.  The sections at the top opening where the rope slides through was worked in rows, one row left-handed, one row back right-handed for consecutive bead crocheted rows.  The bag weighs about 600 grams, a very heavy beaded bag and I quickly realized the next bag design I make will be about half the weight for a pattern in my next crochet book.  I designed this bag to look like those of the 1860-1880 time period.  It  is exciting to make a bag today based on an obscure stitch that has been in existence for at least 140 to 160 years.
Swag Bag
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