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Swag Stitch

Beadwork August/September 2001
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100 Year Old Swag Bag

An example of using the lessons learned in making the Swag Stitch Sampler

1860-1880's Bag, courtesy of Bobbie Sumrada

This is one of the bag images my friend Bobbie Sumrada sent me.  When I first looked at this bag and the others, I thought it was bead knitted but Bobbie indicated it was bead crocheted.  It is from approximately 1860 to 1880 timeframe.  The beads were pre-strung before beginning to crochet.  The the rounds with floral designs required planning the specific order of the pattern in advance and stringing the beads so the pattern would be correct.   A graph would have been required to work the pattern.  You can make a bag with or without a pattern by starting at the bottom, using the circular flat sample as the bottom, then working up with increased rounds of bead loops and attaching them to create the bag.  This vintage bag was lined most likely with a satin fabric.
Swag Purse
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