Bead Crochet Ropes by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin
ISBN 0-9722611-0-9, Softbound, 21pgs, $22.95US, Glass Cat Books, 25 Indian Rock Road, Suite 8, Windham, NH 03087, USA, 603-537-0552,

Crochet becomes more popular each year and bead crochet is hot, hot, hot!  Judith is a very gifted designer of bead crochet ropes.  Her specialty is patterned bead crochet slip stitched ropes.  Fortunately for us, she authored her Bead Crocheted Ropes in October 2002 and now you can make your own ropes following her instructions and your favorite bead colors.  You can also make these ropes using bead single crochet.

 Judith describes the tools required and her own preferences.  There is a great little color photo of a rope piece, one crocheted with black thread and one with white thread.  The difference is striking.   Hints; tips; pattern terminology; charts for different size beads, thread and beads per inch and ratio of beads to thread in bead rounds are included. 

 Bead slip stitch step-by-step instructions are provided along with photo illustrations of each step.  You can choose from several basic spiral rope patterns and then go on to ropes that have raised spiral surfaces.  Judith explains how to join the bead crochet ends with an invisible join, decorative bead and a bead woven closure.  There are flat rope bracelets that can have fancy drop beads on the edges or a lacy edging.

 There are ropes with waves, some with little spikes and a unique basketweave appearance on a bracelet.  Since bracelets are just shorter ropes, you can make all the patterns as longer ropes too.

 You will find a necklace layout and instructions included so you can design your own necklaces.  Judith included the pattern for her gorgeous lariat on her book cover plus the floral fringe.

To top it off, you can enjoy the Gallery of ropes on page 9 and pages 18-21.  I was so pleased one of my ropes was included in this section.  I recognized many of bead crochet designers names and every single rope and lariat is wonderful.  Yoshi Marubashi and Anne Phillips have been friends for many years; their work is exquisite.

 You will find many of Judith’s creative designs at her website, .  Judith’s book has been so successful, I am sure she will have more to come.  Bead Crochet Ropes is a “keeper.” I highly recommend purchasing this book.