Russian Beaded Flowers, (Russian Language/No translation for author or publisher)    ISBN 5-86444-074-4, Softbound, 33pgs., $10.95 USA, retailers contact Helby Imports for wholesale orders, book #BK1076; retail customers can contact Helny for the nearest bead or fiber store carrying this book. HELBY@IDT.NET,, 908-474-1000, fax 908-474-2100

For the many who continue to request wire beaded flower designs, this is it. If you know how to work with wire and the sizing plus using floral tape, you do not need written instructions to make the patterns in this book. Complete illustrations are provided for every flower and leaf in the projects. Each project also includes color photos of several finished flowers, leaves and vines in bouquets or as a group of florals hanging as if from a tree or bush. Although you may not be able to identify the exact bead colors, the photos are clear enough to see the changes of bead colors in some for the flower and leaves to create depth. The illustrations depict gray scale for more than one color or shade of bead.. Some of the bouquets include a variety of beaded flowers which makes for a very appealing combination. There are several floral and leaf shapes, enough to keep you busy for a very long time.